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Casinareale, a new and dynamic business was set up in Serre, near Salerno (Italy), traditionally a farming area which overtime has become one of the most advanced at international level both in the manufacturing and the food processing industries. The land, its products and industriousness of those who for decades have been sowing, irrigating, harvesting and processing the fruits of Campania form a unique heritage of values; the passion of bygone days combined with modern technology.

We are in one of the most rich area in the Piana del Sele, in the WWF Oasi of Persano, just a few kilometres from Paestum.
Our Company is present in the Italian and International markets. We offer a wide choice of prewrvcd products at the right price.

Our constant committement is to ensure tangible quality standards both in the taste and the ever fragrant flavour. Thus, we guarantee the safety of the products, put our special attention on the freshness and on the origin of the crops and before don't forget work process and preservation.
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